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Membership Eligibility Criterion

The mission of CASP is to cultivate, share and advocate for best practices in autism services.  CASP is committed to ensuring quality, safe and effective care for the individual’s served by our membership organizations.

In order to realize our mission, it is required that CASP member organizations promote and implement evidence-based practices within their agency.

Components of evidence-based practices include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Intervention choices are guided by published research in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Task force findings related to evidence-based treatments are also considered.
  • Providers have the proper credentials and experience, as well as a respect for the scientific literature.
  • Those who carry out the actual intervention are well trained and supervised to ensure treatment integrity.
  • Carefully implemented instruction promotes initial success, ongoing gains, and ultimate mastery, as well as maximizes carryover across settings.
  • Objective data are collected and used to guide clinical decision-making.
  • Services are well coordinated, particularly when multiple disciplines are involved.  All providers use evidence-based practice and collect data to measure   progress.
  • Ongoing interventions efforts are adapted as new findings are published in peer-reviewed journals.*

*Source: The Association for Science in Autism Treatment,

CASP Member Organizations will NOT promote nor implement disproven practices.

The CASP Member Organization Application will ask for the following information:

  1. Member Organization information including legal name, address, website
  2. Person completing the application (must be someone authorized to act on behalf of the organization) as well as secondary contact
  3. Description of services provided to persons with autism
  4. Annual budget

External Membership Review Process:

  1. CASP membership applications are reviewed by the CASP Membership Committee (CMC).
  2. Membership applications will be reviewed by the CMC within a reasonable timeframe, not to exceed 45-days.
  3. Annual membership fee, based on an agency’s total annual budget, will be invoiced and due upon receipt.
  4. If an agency’s application for membership is not approved, CASP will provide a written rationale regarding the decision of the CMC.

Membership in CASP is at the discretion of the CASP Board of Directors and is based on materials submitted as understood and interpreted by the CMC.

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