CASP Member Spotlight
The Institute for Child Development

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to share our member spotlight of the Institute for Child Development with you. The Institute for Child Development has been an integral part of CASP’s development as an organization and their Executive Director, Dr. Ray Romanczyk, was one of CASP’s founders. I’d like to thank Associate Director, Dr. Jennifer Gillis for her thoughtful answers. Read below to find out more about their programs and the unique legislation that was passed to enable them to operate on the campus of Binghamton University.

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About The Institute for Child Development

State: New York
Location(s): Binghamton
Associate Director: Jennifer Gillis, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA
Year Established: 1975
Number of individuals to whom your agency provides services: 70
Age range of individuals you serve: 12 months to 12 years
Number of staff are currently employed by your agency: 50 full-time and 15 part-time

Ask the Institute for Child Development Associate Director

What’s something your agency has done or accomplished recently that you are proud of?
We are celebrating 7 years of our summer SLC series! Families of children with ASD can sometimes struggle to find playgrounds where they do not need to worry about elopement, precarious equipment, and even the stigma sometimes felt as a parent of a child with ASD. During the warmer weather months, we open our playground to the community – for families with and without children with ASD. Word among children and families in the community is that we have the “best playground ever.” Our staff volunteer their time on Saturdays to help everyone enjoy a fun and safe time. And, we always have cold water and summer treats for everyone to enjoy…after all, it is summer! 

What’s an interesting fact about your organization that people may not know?
By way of an act of the NYS legislature in 1974, our school (a non-public special education school) is able to be located on state property (Binghamton University). We believe that we are the only private special education schools like this in NY. 

Complete the following sentence. We joined CASP… because it is a unique organization of agencies with a strong dedication to high quality, evidence-based services (and of course, Ray Romanczyk, our Executive Director, was one of the founders of CASP)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your organization?
In addition to our school, we have a very active diagnostic clinic focusing on very young children, conduct periodic free screening clinics, and provide academic training for undergraduate, graduate and medical students.