On Beyond Data: Why true documentation starts where most treatment plans end.

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Jerome Chiu, Owner and Consultant of RadBx, presents considerations regarding clinical documentation and clinical concepts that can push your organization “on beyond data”. In this training we will review advanced concepts of clinical documentation and understand the benefits this can have for your business. Then, putting theory into practice, we will fold clinical rationale and justification for services into your treatment plans, and improve your relationship with funding sources. We will establish integrity checks for treatment plans and safeguards for session notes.

Guiding Questions
1. What is the current state of documentation across the field of ABA?
2. Why should business owners be pushing to improve their documentation?
3. What areas are most treatment plans missing and what areas that can be improved?

December 2, 2020, 1:00 PM EST
Duration: 90 min

1.5 BACB Learning CEUs available (included with registration fee, no refunds provided)

Jerome Chiu, MA, MPA, BCBA, LABA

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Jerome has dedicated his career to ensuring the quality of care in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis. He is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst in Massachusetts. He holds a Masters in Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education from NYU Steinhardt and a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University.

Jerome has held leadership positions as a provider in the field and on the side of managed care. As a result, he brings a unique and comprehensive approach to his work with ABA providers in creating efficient systems and improving services. As the owner of RadBx, Jerome helps providers develop managerial and operational security, improve access to services, and raise standards of care in the field of ABA.

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