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Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

CASP has been a tremendous resource and networking organization for us during our membership over the past two months. We appreciate the level of information on operations and clinical work that help us serve our clients better.

The role of CASP is changing for the better, we are taking a wait and see approach before we can give a full response.

If we think of something soon, we will let you know, as you are already doing such a fantastic job!

CASP has been wonderful for our organization, especially the leadership through these most recent months. My one ask would be to have additional clarity on the uses of some of the information that is being gathered (e.g. organizational scale items above). While I can understand how CASP having some of these data points is helpful for the organization, we would not want them shared on the CASP website or elsewhere (except in places where they are aggregated with other organizations).

Already an amazing group of professionals, supporting each other.

You are rocking it! Is there a way to break up our dues into a payment plan right now?

Grow staff to execute critical initiatives!

LOVE the renewed CASP! Thank you for all of the efforts to support organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic and bring us together.
I’d love to be more involved in government advocacy opportunities at the state and federal level, so if this is something CASP ever considers (e.g., grassroots advocacy ambassadors from the various organizations) count me in.

Provide community and resources to be the best we can be for those we serve.

I consider the resources that CASP provides are very useful (e.g., ABA practices, telehealth parameters, etc), so I expect to continue having access to novel resources and orientation.

Provide relevant resources and supports for educational services, staff development and financial guidance

Coyne & Associates – Under the new leadership of Lorri Unumb, CASP has exceeded our organization’s expectations.

Keep going!

Build a very strong quality/org standards/accreditation program.

Educational Advocacy for school based services
Adult Services Advocacy

We would like help with networking within the communities that we serve.

trainings related to best practices for business management/staff management that align with BACB ethical code. ongoing resources for insurance appeals/ denials/ peer reviews, etc and webinars on this topic. more covid discussion and continuing telehealth and extending funding from insurance sources for this (demonstrating effectiveness)

Keep us updated and advocate when needed.

just more of the same

Keep the wonderful work up. The last year we have gotten a ton from CASP, and we as an organization are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Keep doing what you are doing! CASP has been a life saver through COVID-19! We have found that the legal information and counsel has been very valuable as well as the financial resources (PPP loan and forgiveness, etc). Hopefully while on more stable ground in the next week, we would like to continue learning about the future/innovations of the workplace, strategic plans of other companies, management expertise, etc.

Continue training opportunities, advocacy, leadership and clinical development.

Advocacy at federal and state level


Continued political advocacy on national level.

Advocate for better funding for ABA based Adult Programs.

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It has been great so far- Giving valuable information re: COVID and now with the interest in organizational management. I love the resources that are available. Love to have more conferences when we can!

Bring all ABA providing organizations together on a common agenda.

Connect us with other organizations committed to improving the lives of people living with ASD.

Continue to provide the a network that leverages our skills and knowledge.

Advocate for increased rates for adult funding.
Advocate for adult housing and employment outside of Final Rule restrictions.
Advocate for increased Medicaid funding for ABA therapy, all codes.

Continue to provide relevant information regarding changing laws and changing landscapes with regards to funding issues for services.

Continue to provide webinars and CEU opportunities.

Provide information regarding (and as pertinent to the CASP members) the increasing involvement of Managed Care with services and its impact on ABA, services Clinical Services, and MLTSS and business acumen needed to successfully respond to the changing funding outlook.

Just continue the support you have been and bringing such wonderful people together.

continue to be an incredible resource for all of us.

Support the efforts and mission of CASP through collaboration and research

CASP has been an amazing support for resources and collaboration and I recommend it for all other ABA Agencies.

Continue to provide the valuable information that it does. Also, waiting on the leadership development training that has been discussed.

Continue to provide context for business oversight as the world and the field changes. Support positive growth in the field as a whole. Establish connections between like organizations so we may have a network of support (possibly via smaller chapters?). Promote social justice and ethical and humane treatment of all providers and clients. I am especially interested in exploring the autistic lament regarding ABA and being active in making changes to support the social validity of ABA and to move towards less aversive and more positive experience for the client’s we serve.

Assist with networking with other professionals, legal resources, conferences and training, leadership development, and advocate on behalf of providers especially as it relates to insurance coverage and insurance processes to make providing services easier.

I’d like for Lorri Unumb and CASP to keep kicking ASS !

Assist with payor relations, continue to assist with standardization of outcomes and continue to provide the support that they have for the last 6 months.

Continue to provide support you’ve been providing. CASP’s information and webinars during COVID have been incredibly helpful!

We would like to be invoiced quarterly if possible.

We’d also like to discuss ways we can become more involved – whether by a board seat or another meaningful way to CASP. Please let me know when you would like to discuss.

more of the same!!!

Provide networking opportunities to learn from others

Keeping doing what you’re doing! We love the effort to establish guidelines; we love the utility of the listserv; we love the fact that you guys are putting together forums where products and resources can be shared and demo-ed so that we don’t have to do the leg-work to establish multiple meetings with multiple vendors; we love your efforts to gather and compile data that can be used to reflect on our practices and change our organizational practices (e.g., salary data; turnover data; organizational structure, etc.); etc.

Find and make available to members experts in the various aspects of ABA and issues facing ABA organizations. Provide opportunities for networking among providers.

Continue to provide information and resources

Continue providing the awesome support and resources like they are currently during through the pandemic!

provide credentialing

We would like CASP to help give us guidance as we set systems in place to help the children and families that we serve. We would like CASP to help us impact our employees and the families that we serve.

We would like CASP to continue to educate us on the field and to aid us when issues might arise.

Keep up the great work! Potential topics for content and collaboration: operations issues (financials, KPIs, intake, etc) for smaller <100 employee organizations, clinical best practices for ABA services, value-based care.

Education, resources. collaboration

Provide us with resources and informaton to help us lead a better organization

Lobby for ABA in Washington. During COVID-19 it’s become clear that we need a stronger voice and confirmed that ABA is not properly represented as an essential worker or HCP.

Continue to form a united front with respect to insurance contracts. Additional, assistance for legal matters for smaller companies which can be completely overwhelming.

To continue to provide guidance, resources, advocacy, and support to the ABA provider community at large.

Just keep doing what you are doing. It’s incredibly helpful!

We would like CASP to continue to advocate to expand access of services, increase funding for higher quality services, provide ongoing information to keep our agency up to date with most current information concerning our industry.

collaborate with, assist in setting up a clinic / center in our area as well as support organization in expansion of home based offerings. assist in setting up structure, best practices and streamline current practices in regard to service delivery, curriculum, systems, hiring, ongoing supervision and record keeping.

Help with advocacy, help ensure treatment integrity (from authorization perspective) is not compromised, help ensure access (continued telehealth advocacy)

Continue to provide an informative and collaborative conference, listserve, ongoing support through the pandemic, leadership in telehealth, advocacy for maintaining all components of the ACA, Advocate for special education reform.

Support our efforts to grow and effectively serve more families and individuals with autism.

Drive change for the ABA industry that supports high quality care. Support providers in the development of best practices. Support the development of clinical outcomes data that will reinforce the need for ongoing reimbursement

HANDS values the ability to participate and interact with other providers in the ABA services arena.
Additionally the following items are of significant importance to HANDS:
1. Supporting public policy on the state and federal level.
2. Best practices and operational benchmarking.


We would like for CASP to help us support the families we services by providing a platform where we can connect families to other providers.

Support clinical best-practice strategies for small business owners, provide legal consultation services for insurance-based issues, continue to support advocacy for state and federal mandates that can impact ABA services, lobby government for increased funding and less barriers/restrictions to insurance or government-funded ABA therapy.

This is a renewal

Advance Clinical Practice Guidelines/Best Practice Standards;

Advocacy for the clients, agencies, and the field; Provide a forum for sharing resources, information, and best practices; Provide opportunities for collaboration amongst providers that will benefit clients and the field as a whole.

Looking forward to more CASP training and connecting our admin (Finance, HR professionals) with other admin in the field.

Advance our clinical programming through education and networking. Advance our operations through education and networking; continue to pursue best practices with like-minded colleagues who promote ABA as an evidence-based intervention for children w ASD

Collaborate on standard outcomes for individuals with autism; involvement in Standards project and autism legislation/advocacy.

CASP offers relevant trainings and resources that are so helpful while owning and running a business

Provide trainings relevant to billing insurance, leadership, and best practices in behavior analysis.

As a first-time business owner and evidence-based practitioner in the ABA field providing services to learners with autism, I am seeking a network of other professionals and resources in helping me making my business the best it can be.

The professional development that is available through CASP is incredibly valuable to all level of clinical employees at HOPE Group. From the line level behavior technicians to the director, CASP will assist in employee growth and in turn, patient treatment progress.

Continue to provide access to reliable resources and events.

Connect with providers who have shared values regarding ABA/treatment for individuals with ASD.

Gain information and also I would like to share information as I have practiced in this field for 20 years across the country. We are expanding into adult services, any guidance would be appreciated.

-standards of excellence and integrity to align to.
– networking
-be on forefront of Autism Services in US.

Our organization only bills for $30,000 a year. Do you have a tier for that?

Help educate me and provide support on topics ranging from ABA to OBM and healthcare administration

Continue to provide current information and resources related to providing quality ABA services. This year has been challenging in many ways. The resources and support provided by CASP has been tremendous. Our goal is to continue to expand our service model to include OT and outpatient services. Knowing we would have the support of CASP and its members would provide an added layer of support and confidence. Currently, we take advantage of as many CASP webinars and other resources available to non-members. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Provide resources for providers.

Keep us up-to-speed on developments in ASD service delivery; share resources that would be helpful.

Keep us updated on policy, leadership, updates during COVID were great, access to conferences, changing legislation,

We are incredibly interested in becoming the most well-rounded ABA provider that we can be and believe that the CASP network and resources can help us do that. We are very well respected in Vermont in the ABA, educational, and small business community and are ready to do more. In order for us to do more we are motivated to make sure all of our systems are robust and compliant so that our focus can be on staff training and clinical treatment for our learners. Thank you for considering us! In googling us, please know that Chris and I do everything so I update the website when I have time :) but please review articles about us in Vermont Small Business Magazine, our Facebook page, and website. We want to be a desired employer in Vermont that is supporting our community in multiple ways.

Keep me informed of major developments politically, legally and professionally that might impact the operation of Stonebridge Behavioral Services. Allow for communication with other agency providers to address common problems and their resolution.

Help with problems that arise. Bounce ideas off of other owners of ABA agencies.

Looking for a professional organisation that can provide resources, guidance, advocacy, policy, collaboration and mentorship for our Autism Centre located in Bermuda. We are also looking forward to being a part of an organisation that supports Autism Service Providers and support the continuous promotion of growth of its members to ensure the best outcomes for the people we serve.

Provide resources and support, development of OBM standards for best practice treatment.

Additional practice resources, advocacy, information for our consumers

Provide a network of like-minded, evidenced based ABA companies who provide effective, compassionate care and strive to never stop learning!

Caravel would like to extend our advocacy work for clients, clinicians and the best practices for ABA therapy beyond our current focus at the state level. As a company, we have been active in WI, MN, IL, WA and ID in state level organizations. Our team members have also been active individually in leadership positions at APBA. We believe an active role in CASP is a natural extension of our past advocacy work and we want to be involved in committee and leadership positions over time as appropriate.

We’d like support with payors and education materials for ABA businesses, as it relates to relevant market research.

Provide staff with more (and varied) CEU opportunities, provide staff with resources for insurance appeals, help the organization keep up to date with ABA insurance coding changes, continue to push the organization to provide the highest level of care.

Provide leadership and collaboration among other quality ABA providers for individuals diagnosed with autism.Make recommendations and give feedback about the agency and it’s services and operations.

We hope that by becoming a member of CASP, it will help inform more individuals, families, providers, professionals and referral sources about the services and expertise that Anderson Center for Autism has to offer both in New York State, and Nationally. Additionally, we hope to further develop Anderson’s network of professional affiliations and provider relationships. We are also looking forward to the breadth of professional development opportunities that CASP can offer Anderson’s executives and emerging leaders.

Provide education and training, referrals for expansion of services, shared expertise, national exposure

Help us navigate the changing issues that face ABA organizations in these complicated times.

As an owner of a small ABA company, I am always looking for well respected, reliable organizations that can provide pertinent ABA related information to my agency. I would like CASP to offer my agency resources to stay on top of a rapidly changing field. Some examples include information on advocating for insurance reform, information on telehealth best practice, current standards in ABA best practice, how to address possible threats to the field of ABA and how to promote a positive image of ABA to the community at large. The field of ABA often feels like many parts moving independent of each other unaware of common goals. Organizations like CASP have the opportunity to help unify and improve the field of ABA through collaboration and identification of trends in agency needs. I am always striving to provide the highest quality of services to my clients while also providing the most up to date, relevant information to my staff. Organizations that centralize around a common idea of advocacy and dissemination of best practices in the field of autism are organizations I am interested in joining.

Provide comprehensive education for our entire organization as well as networking. We’d like to see CASP dive into accreditation of service providers specific to ABA or provide resources for accreditation through national organizations such as JCAHO as an alternative to BHCOE. We are also of the mindset to serve and not just be served so we are happy to participate, speak, and share our experiences and resources.

Be a source of information and an avenue for collaboration

Increase my peer network for general support for running and growing an ABA service organization

Curate best practices for intervention, serve as a guidepost for the ASD provider community as it relates to policies, be an advocate for ABA businesses, and offer timely support when unexpected needs arise (e.g., pandemic). Thank you for all you do, what you have become, and for the vision to enrich this field.

We are looking to renew as we felt great benefit from the professional development offerings and networking/problem solving with those working in similar agencies/settings as our program.

Help us learn best practices, increase staff training levels, provide better service to our clients and their families

Make trainings more accessible for all providers regardless of ability to pay large amounts and the credibility that comes with a CASP recognition. We pride ourselves in reputable evidenced based services and having the support of CASP would be great to accompany our values.

I would like to have resources as a business owner in creating better systems for my organization, writing better treatment plans, better understanding insurance billing and working with insurance companies.

Behavioral Learning Center INC, BLC, would like to be informed of all new insurance policies and procedures, information on TH. Further clinical best practices updates.

BLC was previously part of CCBA a non-profit organization that provided CA based ABA agencies information regarding, ASD best practices, insurance information, platform info, and all around information.

What would you like CASP to do for your organization?