Isabel Crosby, Esq. and Courtney Wright, Esq., BCBA will discuss how to prepare a workspace and employees to provide therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic safely. They will also discuss the laws regulating employees during this time, and the areas that autism service provider organizations need to be particularly aware of to ensure compliance. They will discuss how to practically implement modifications in the way that autism service provider organizations provide therapy to ensure safety and compliance with the law.

Isabel is a partner at DLA Piper and specializes in employment law in the healthcare sector. Courtney is an attorney and BCBA that owns an ABA agency.

Learning Objectives:
Objective #1: ABA providers will learn ways to identify safety risks due to COVID-19 and prepare their workspace and employees to deliver effective treatment while limiting the risks.
Objective #2: ABA providers will learn about the laws regarding their employees and how to address concerns of employees and clients while staying within the parameters of the law.

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