Cox, Plavnick, & Brodhead (2020) published a position statement in the emergency section of BAP in response to the COVID-19 crisis. They argued against a blanket interpretation that in-person ABA services for all patients should continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. They strongly argued that the risks of continued services are almost always prohibitive and that only in rare cases would continuation of in-person services be warranted. Columbo, Wallace & Taylor (2020) soon thereafter published a response to the article pointing out the potential dangers associated with the position and paper of Cox et al. They included a detailed decision model to assist providers in making nuanced and informed data-based decisions that provide the opportunity to honor the ethical responsibility for not abandoning patients. We echo the importance of the Columbo et al. response and add points of response centered on balanced ethical decision-making informed by compassionate family-centered care.

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