Member Listserve

CASP’s member listserve lets members connect and network with other members via email. Members ask questions, get answers, and exchange information with colleagues using this listserve.

Colleagues on the CASP member list server can share ideas, get information, and ask questions on important issues.  The listserve is quick and simple to use, allowing you to easily stay current on trends and discuss hot topics.  The CASP member listserve is designed to improve communication among like-minded members, offer a forum for exchanging ideas and thoughts, and provide answers to questions and challenges faced by fellow members.

When list members send an email to, every member of the list will get the email.

Listserve Use Policy

The CASP member listserve may not be used for the solicitation, promotion, or sale of commercial products or services. The email list may not be used to promote or engage in political activities.  All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. 

Be respectful and considerate of your colleagues in your postings.  If you disagree or become upset with someone’s response or use of the list, reply to that person directly when appropriate.

CASP may block or remove any post it deems inappropriate and reserves the right to remove any user from the list without notice.

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