The trend in healthcare is shifting from fee for service to value-based care (VBC). It is not a matter of “if”, but instead of “when” it appears at the doorstep of applied behavior analysis (ABA). When it does, we want to make sure that providers, agencies, and the field as a whole are fully prepared to not only meet the demands of this different approach in service and reimbursement but the clients and agencies can both find value and benefit from adopting VBC. This means that outcome data and compliance will be even more important in moving the needle forward to ensuring both clients and agencies are healthy and advancing. The present panel will address questions concerned with VBC, outcome data, and compliance as it relates to ABA.
Date:  2/18/2020

Time:  4:00 PM EST

Abstract:  CASP Webinar Abstract-2 (1)

Webinar Video:

Cheryl Michael